Membership Types

Holiday Trails Resorts offers a number of membership types which may be tailored to suit your RV’ing lifestyle. To learn more, click through the descriptions below that may be of interest to you.

  • Full HTR (unlimited camping through the season at our Canadian parks)
  • Holiday ~ 21 (21 nights of camping each year)*
  • Island (unlimited camping throughout the season on Vancouver Island)
  • Zone BC (unlimited camping throughout the season in British Columbia)
  • Zone Alberta (unlimited camping throughout the season in Alberta)

*Each membership gives you unlimited camping throughout the season with the exception of the Holiday ~ 21.

All our memberships listed above are based on our 14/14/0 policy.

    • All our memberships listed above are based on our 14/14/0 policy.
    • 14 nights out of park – once you have stayed in the park for 4 or more consecutive nights (up to the maximum of 14 nights), you must leave that location for 14 consecutive nights before returning under your membership.
    • 0 system out time – members may go to directly to another designated HTR location without any time out of the system between park visits.

  • *If you are visiting an HTR park for 3 consecutive nights or less, you are only required to be out of that same location for 2 consecutive nights before returning under your membership.

There is no end date to these memberships. As long as you maintain your annual dues, the membership stays active.

Upgrades for HTR memberships

HTR memberships may not include these benefits but are available as upgrades so you may tailor your membership to suit your RV’ing lifestyle.

Benefit upgrades:

  • Frozen dues – when you reach the age of 65, your annual dues will be frozen at that current year’s annual dues rate.
  • Family Plan Benefit – your children aged 18 to 27 may use your membership or purchase their own at a discounted rate.
Membership Types Camping Privileges Transferable Frozen Dues Family Plan Benefit
Full HTR unlimited camping throughout the season at our Canadian resorts 1 time n/a included
Holiday ~ 21 21 nights of camping over a 12 month period at our Canadian locations non-transferable n/a n/a
Island unlimited camping throughout the season at our HTR Resorts on Vancouver Island 1 time n/a n/a
Zone BC unlimited camping throughout the season at our BC HTR locations 1 time n/a included
Zone Alberta unlimited camping throughout the season at our Alberta HTR locations 1 time n/a included

Reciprocal upgrades

Reciprocal systems have a different member usage policy from that of Holiday Trails Resorts. Please visit the respective website for more information about their individual usage policy and locations.


Holiday Trails Resorts has “in house” financing options available for your membership purchase. Subject to your down payment we offer:

  • Interest rates vary depending on the amount of your down payment.
  • Terms of up to 5 years available.
  • No penalty for early pay out.
  • Monthly payments can be made by Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), Visa or Mastercard.

Now what?

  • I’m ready to learn more and want to make a reservation so that I can experience one of the HTR locations first-hand.
  • I have some questions that I would like the answers to right away. Contact a membership consultant »

General membership information


At the time of joining HTR, a temporary membership card will be issued to you.

Your annual membership card will be sent directly to your home address within 3 weeks along with your copy of the Membership Agreement and Application.  You will receive a new membership card every year upon payment of your membership annual dues.

If you lose your membership card, please call our head office for a replacement.  Replacement cards are $125 (plus tax) for Holiday 21 punch cards and $50 (plus tax) for all other membership cards.


An invoice for your annual membership dues will be mailed to you by HTR Head Office. These invoices are issued approximately 60 days before your current membership card expires. Paying one month before your card expires will ensure uninterrupted usage of your membership.


All members may participate in our “No Dues for Life program – refer a set amount of people to HTR and you will never have to pay your annual dues again. Click here to view our information and referral credit structure.


These are only granted to the members whose names appear on the membership card and will be granted only if the card is presented upon arrival at the park. Under no circumstances is the card to be loaned or rented to a non-member. You are permitted to have guests with you in your RV or in their RV, providing that they follow the procedures outlined in the usage agreement.


NSF cheques, declined pre-authorized debits and declined credit card payments are subject to a $30 service charge. Any late payments will be subject to a $15 late payment fee. All service charges are subject to change without notice.