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Member’s Usage


A. Most HTR parks accept advance reservations from HTR members. Please contact the park directly by phone. Reservations cannot be made through Head Office.

B. A maximum of 2 reservations may be held at any time for any given park. Only one of these 2 reservations may cover a Holiday Long Weekend.

C. Reservations should be made at least seven days prior to arrival.

D. Failure to arrive on reservation day will result in forfeiture of reservation and penalties can be assessed for failure to cancel a reservation.

E. Reservations do not guarantee a specific site in the park ,only a site. However, we will make every effort to provide the services you desire. Sites are available on a first come, first serve basis – so book early.

LENGTH OF STAY: The number of consecutive days that a member may stay in any one park is governed by the membership type and the conditions and restrictions stated in the membership agreement. The "Park Out" time and "System Out" time are also governed by the conditions noted on the membership agreement.

Any visitation of four consecutive nights or more, up to the maximum, will constitute a "maximum" stay and the "Park Out/System Out" time must be obeserved before revisiting any HTR Resort. There are no restictions on the number of times any park may be visited annually provided the "in-out" policy is complied with.


Each Holiday Trails Resorts affiliated park has its own campground rules and regulations.  Please ensure that you know what they are abide by the rules of the park where you are staying.  HTR owned parks will have very similar rules but host parks are likely to have some different ones that you should be aware of.


Members are not permitted to leave their unit unoccupied overnight on a site without permission from the Park Manager.  Such permission is restricted to cases of emergency and is at the sole discretion of the Park Manager.


We welcome your pets at all HTR locations. However, they are your responsibility, and failure to control and/or clean up after you pet could result in you being asked to leave the park.

A. Keep your pet on a leash at all times

B. Clean up all "messes"

C. Don't leave pets unattended in your unit.


A. Guests who accompany you in your own RV may visit as often as you wish.

B. Guest who accompany you and stay in their own RV require advance reservations for their site that can be made by the member. They will be required to pay the park’s overnight fees and they must be accompanied by a member.

C. Day guests or visitors are welcome at HTR parks, but please let the registration office know you are expecting company. Guests will be required to park their vehicles in designated areas. Members are responsible for any guests’ conduct and compliance with posted campground rules. Certain parks may require that visitation times be enforced during peak periods.