Introduction to Membership Camping

  Our $39.95 special has expired.  If you are still interested in learning about all the ways a membership with Holiday Trails RV Resorts can increase your RVing experience please ask to speak to a membership consultant during your next stay with Holiday Trails Resorts.

What is Membership Camping?

A membership with Holiday Trails RV Resorts allows you to camp with your RV at our quality RV resorts for no nightly fees. It entitles you to stay at any of our resorts for up to two weeks at a time, at which point you must leave and move on to a different resort if you wish. There is no overall limit to how many nights that you can camp within our system, so you can literally camp 365 days per year for only the low cost of the annual dues.  

Overview of Benefits

  • Unlimited camping all year for no nightly fees
  • Quality RV resorts with a variety of amenities
  • Frozen dues at age 65
  • Family benefit plan
  • Ability to earn no dues for life
  • Access to hundreds of other resorts throughout North America
Membership camping is still quite a new concept in Canada and many people have never heard of it. This special offer is a great way for you to come out and actually stay at one of our quality RV Resorts and see what we have to offer in person. During your stay, you and your spouse will spend 45 minutes with one of our Membership Consultants, who will take you through all of the ins and outs that a camping membership has to offer. There is no obligation to buy a Membership if you decide that you are simply not ready to commit and we will never put you through any high pressure sales tactics. Even if you decide not to buy, we would still love to have you camp with us in the future.